Emmeline Butler Ceramics



For me it’s all about texture – you have to feel it to fully appreciate it.

I love the feel of clay when throwing, and enjoy the rhythm of the wheel. Throwing also demands a focus that concentrates the mind and blocks out other distractions, which I find is calming in an ever more hectic world.

My love of nature, the countryside and the beauty of its many textures has a great influence on my work. Cracked limestone pavements, tree bark, dry exposed peat, are reflected in the surface patterns of my work. My latest work includes moorland colours with deep fissures and some gold lustre to add sparkle. 

I use a finely grogged clay which, although can be a bit rough to work with, gives a wonderful feel to the finished piece, and compliments the textures created on the outside.


I am almost overwhelmed on a daily basis by the state of the natural world and the impending catastrophe brought about by humans. We cannot live without nature yet we are destroying or impacting every aspect of the earth’s ecosystems. I cannot carry on as if everything is ‘normal’.

I pledge to maximise the resources that I use, reuse and reclaim as much as possible, always seeking to reduce my footprint. I will continue to reduce and maximise energy efficiency by minimising the number of kiln firings and making best use of solar panels in conjunction with deep green electricity.

I pledge to donate at least 25% of my annual profits to environmental and rewilding charities.

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